Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Heart Leadville, Colorado

I do. I heart Leadville. I'll finish discussing why later.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Oil In Outerspace

I’m very intrigued with OIL. The role that oil plays in our everyday lives, on this planet and the massive scale of overconsumption by humans. So, I’ve been playing with different forms of oil and studying the reactions that occur when you place it with other substances. I think it looks pretty. It’s a good thing no one really reads my blog, otherwise I’d be paranoid that someone might steal my ideas.

Like Watching Paint Dry

Sometimes my life feels like I am watching paint dry, or maybe I feel more like dry old paint on a rusty nail. But I think that I'm a nice colour at least, or I have interesting texture. The oxidation process that turns nails to rust is the same that turns my hair platinum shades of blonde. I love the colours of old doors and wooden structures that have seen more years of weathering than my short twenty-six year old life. Door knobs and fence posts abandoned homes haunted by ghosts, churches in fields and old wagon wheels. Stagecoaches and tractors...

From the series, "Like Watching Paint Dry" Babylon, NY and Lafayette, CO, 2006.